Nearly 820,000 Americans have been infected by the coronavirus and 45,000 are dead, yet Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) not only thinks that most of the deceased deserved it, but he also wants more people to die by doubling down on a drug that is dangerous.

Anybody can contract coronavirus and die from it, but people with pre-existing conditions are even more at risk, and that’s where a large part of the death toll comes from, as Cornyn pointed out on Twitter, seemingly suggesting that those who have died only have themselves to blame for it.

On top of that lack of compassion, Cornyn called for clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug President Donald Trump has frequently promoted as a miracle drug even though recent studies show that it has no benefit at all and can result in serious side effects, including death.

Clinical trials would involve testing the drug on people, who could very well die in the vain effort to somehow prove that Trump is not wrong.

Both tweets combined make for a compelling case that Cornyn doesn’t care about any of the people who have died thus far or will die because of Trump’s incompetence.

And Twitter users thrashed him in response.

John Cornyn is not an American, nor is he a human being. He’s a ghoul allied with a damned monster.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons