Former South Carolina Governor and Trump administration official Nikki Haley kicked a hornet’s nest on Thursday when she voiced agreement with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) callous belief that states should just be allowed to go bankrupt during this crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed several states to the brink of financial ruin as funds run out, forcing them to call upon the federal government to bail them out.

McConnell, however, rejected the idea of passing relief for the states and said they should go bankrupt instead.

On Thursday, Haley agreed with McConnell.

And her remarks did not go over very well as people pointed out that corporations were given trillions of dollars, red states take more federal tax dollars than they contribute and she herself begged for federal money when her state needed financial aid.

Perhaps blue states should start refusing to pay federal taxes. Then we’ll see how long red states last.

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