Tuesday at the White House, President Donald Trump was asked by a reporter if he had spoken to any of the families of Americans who have died as a result of coronavirus, which led Trump to go on a rambling tangent that made almost no sense, according to Ben Gittleson of ABC News, who posted this on Twitter:

As of this morning, over 59,000 Americans have perished as a result of COVID-19. Earlier this week we learned that Trump was repeatedly warned the virus was a threat during at least a dozen daily intelligence briefings. But apparently he cannot be bothered to express any condolences to the families of victims.

Trump’s admission that he has failed to do any outreach drew a sharp reaction on Twitter:

In times of tragedy, a president is supposed to be a source of comfort and solace. But apparently Donald Trump doesn’t possess the requisite empathy to console anyone but himself.

Featured Image Via NBC News