Over at Fox News — aka Trump TV — they’re always eager to spin fantastical conspiracy theories, and now two of their hosts are suggesting that former President Barack Obama and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have activated “deep state” operatives so they can carry out a “bloodless coup” against President Donald Trump.

On Hannity’s show Monday evening, Jeanine Pirro kicked off the tinfoil hat gripe session by addressing something Trump has dubbed “Obamagate.” What exactly is Obamagate? Based on what Trump has been tweeting, it seems he believes that Obama had the FBI set up former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. Does Trump have any proof of this absurd suggestion? If so, he’s yet to reveal any of it.

But that didn’t stop Pirro from grabbing that scrap of lunacy and running with it like a dog that’s just snatched up a soup bone and is eager to start savoring the taste. She began her unhinged soliloquy with this:

“What we’re finding out now is that this was a full-court press on the part of the Obama administration — the Obama-Biden administration, remember, Biden was in the room on January 5 of 2017 — to conduct a coup, a bloodless one, nonetheless, to make sure that Donald Trump suffered whatever they could make him suffer at the hands of Michael Flynn, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and Carter Page. They were willing to violate everyone’s constitutional rights to make sure they could get someone to flip against this president.”

But there’s one giant problem with that so-called theory: Flynn pleaded guilty and Trump admitted that he fired him because he had lied to the FBI and Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian officials. If Flynn was innocent, why would he agree to plead guilty a crime he didn’t commit? And if Trump thought Flynn was being framed, why did he give him the boot?

However, it was what host Sean Hannity said near the end of the segment that really stretched credulity:

“Obama’s comments this weekend ― he’s been awfully quiet. Was he sending a message to deep state operatives to go out and do more dirty work? ’Cause that’s how I interpreted it.”

Here we go again with the “deep state” BS! There is no deep state! The people Hannity is referring to are the very same ones who protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. Oddly enough, that’s exactly what every president and vice president also promise to do when they raise their right hand and swear on oath to the Constitution.

As for Pirro and Hannity, they’re lost causes. They both have their heads so far up Trump’s back end that it’s a wonder they can even breathe.

Featured Image Via Fox News