CNN host Jake Tapper called out and then shut down Lara Trump — the wife of Eric Trump and a Trump campaign spokesperson — for insinuating that Joe Biden’s stuttering is sign that the Democratic presidential nominee is in “cognitive decline.”

Tapper noted that Biden had been an inspiration to children who stutter:

“Joe Biden as we all know has worked to overcome a stutter. How do you think it makes little kids with stutters feel when they see you [mocking Joe Biden]?”

Lara tried to suggest she never even knew that Biden had suffered from a stutter when he was younger:

“First and foremost, I had no idea that Joe Biden ever suffered from a stutter. I think what we see on stage with Joe Biden, Jake, is very clearly a cognitive decline.”

The CNN host replied:

“OK. You have no — it’s so amazing to me that — a cognitive decline. I think you were mocking his stutter.

“And I think you have absolutely no standing to diagnose someone’s cognitive decline. I would think that somebody in the Trump family would be more sensitive to people who do not have medical licenses diagnosing politicians from afar. Plenty people have diagnosed your [father-in-law] from afar. And I’m sure it offends you.”

Mrs. Trump insisted, “I’m not diagnosing him.”  That led Tapper to note:

“You just talked about cognitive decline. I have one last question for you, Lara.”

Trump continued to ramble on about Biden’s alleged mental decline:

“It’s very concerning to a lot of people, that this could be the leader of the free world. That is all I’m saying. I genuinely feel sorry for Joe Biden.”

That’s when Tapper shut the interview down, refusing to let Lara Trump keep slagging the former vice president:

“Thank you, Lara, I appreciate it. I’m sure it was from a place of concern. We all believe that.”

No one believes a damn word any of the Trumps say. They have repeatedly proven that they cannot be trusted and will lie about anything and everything. Jake Tapper should be commended for not letting Lara Trump spew more of her venom on his show. More hosts need to take a note from him and do likewise.

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