Attorney General William Barr is done with President Donald Trump, and he’s making it clear that he doesn’t intend to take more of the lame duck POTUS’ insults or angry tweets.

According to CNN’s Jamie Gangel, Barr was asked about some of Trump’s tweets which have clearly been aimed directly at him, which led the AG to remark that “none of this matters— it’s the deposed King ranting. Irrelevant to the course of justice and to Trump’s election loss.”

Whoa! It’s not often a member of Trump’s cabinet is that blunt and brutally honest. But consider these tweets from the president on Saturday:

There are already reports that Barr is about to resign or be fired, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Trump gives his handpicked AG the ax before the weekend is over with. He clearly expected the Department of Justice to help him hijack the 2020 election and smear his opponent so he could serve another four years and avoid the legal problems that await him in New York.

It would be tempting to praise Barr for growing a spine. But he’s still complicit in helping to enable Trump and bury the Mueller report. He should have stood up long ago and spoken out, but he was too busy being an obedient little lickspittle.

Featured Image Via CNN