The economy under President Donald Trump’s watch is worse now than when he first took office, yet he has the gall to claim that voting for him is a vote for recovery while insisting that former Vice President Joe Biden will usher in a depression.

When former President Barack Obama and Biden left office in 2017, the unemployment rate had dropped to 4.7 percent and the country had set a record 75 consecutive months of job growth with nearly 12 millions total jobs added. The economy under Obama had recovered from the Great Recession in 2008 that began during the George W. Bush administration after eight years of Republican control and policies brought it to its knees.

Trump benefited from this economic prosperity because Obama’s recovery continued as the unemployment rate dipped to under 4 percent and job growth remained positive, both of which Trump wrongly took credit for.

But that was before Trump began initiating economic policies such as his trade wars and tax cuts for the wealthy that started to reverse the recovery. And Trump’s reckless and incompetent response to the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 210,000 Americans has also significantly harmed the economy.

In fact, the nation has shed million of jobs since Trump took office in 2017 and has a negative job growth. The unemployment rate soared to over 10 percent for the first time in a decade and has now settled at just under 8 percent, far higher than the rate when Obama left office. Furthermore, tens of millions of Americans are still jobless, resulting in the worst economy ever.

Yet, Trump had the audacity to claim that a “Trump recovery” will occur if Americans re-elect him.

Twitter users fired back by reminding Trump that he destroyed the economy in the first place:

As long as Trump is president, American life will never get back to normal. Trump’s refusal to take the pandemic seriously decimated the economy, killed more than 210,000 people, closed businesses, and has changed everyday life in ways that no one could have ever imagined just four years ago. As long as Trump continues to refuse to take the coronavirus seriously, normal will never come back. And ignoring the economic reality won’t makes things better either. We need real leadership and a real plan, not lies and bluster.

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