Remember when President Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” and referred to all polls he doesn’t like as “fake,” too? Well, Trump had no problem touting a CNN poll after Fox News published results of a poll that are embarrassing for him.

Trump lashed out at Fox News earlier on Thursday during his trip to Michigan. He complained that their coverage of him isn’t 100 percent sycophantic propaganda and named hosts and pundits he apparently thinks are not pro-Trump enough.

Fox News would go on to release a poll that’s bad news for Trump.

“The latest Fox News Poll finds voters trust Biden to do a better job than Trump on health care by 17 points, coronavirus by 9, and relations with China by 6,” Fox News reported. “In the 2020 ballot test, Biden leads Trump by 48-40 percent. Biden’s 8-point advantage is outside the poll’s margin of error. However, given that 11 percent are undecided or plan to vote for someone else, neither candidate hits 50 percent support. Trump’s personal favorable rating is net negative by 12 points: 43 percent view him positively, while 55 percent have an unfavorable opinion (including 45 percent ‘strongly’ unfavorable).”

Needless to say, these are not numbers that Trump likes to see. So, in a truly desperate reaction, Trump posted a CNN poll showing him beating Biden in the battleground states.

Again, Trump has repeatedly called CNN and CNN polls “fake news,” but he’s all giddy about this one.

The CNN poll, however is just like any poll in that it’s a mere snapshot based on a small number of participants. Polls shift like sand in the wind. The fact is that the Trump campaign’s internal polls show that Trump is trailing Biden in the battleground states.

This Fox News poll serves to confirm those internal polls. But rather than accept reality from his own team and propaganda outlet, Trump is highlighting a poll from a network he considers the “enemy of the people” as if it fixes his woes. It’s pathetic.

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