President Donald Trump openly boasted about the Secret Service suppressing protests against him at the White House on Saturday morning and even mused about the possibility that protesters could be maimed or killed.

As part of the protests across the country on Friday in response to the wrongful police killing of George Floyd, protesters gathered outside the White House to demand justice in a moment that must have had Trump peeing himself all evening.

But rather than address the concerns of the protesters, Trump mocked them instead on Twitter and bragged about how the Secret Service suppressed them and bragged about the possibility that the Secret Service would hurt or kill them using dogs or bullets.

This is not how a president is supposed to deal with protesters. The president should especially not brag about Secret Service as if they are his personal thugs that do harm to people he doesn’t like.

Once again, Twitter should not only slap a warning on Trump’s third tweet, they should delete it and his account for inciting violence.

And the Secret Service should re-evaluate their priorities. Because they are not guarding a president, they are protecting a dictator, making them the equivalent of Hitler’s bodyguards.

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