Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his racist outbursts against the Black Lives Matter movement and the growing protests against racial injustice and police brutality have cost his show several major advertisers in the last few days.

Earlier this week, Carlson tried to gin up fear and hatred of Black Lives Matter by calling the group a “mob” and claiming that it will be coming for Fox viewers, who are predominately white people.

It’s like Carlson was aiming to incite violence against black people with those remarks.

He would go on to follow that up by attacking Sesame Street character Elmo after the popular children’s educational program sought to explain the mass protests to kids. Carlson accused the program of making kids not like America and suggested Sesame Street is indoctrinating them.

Well, these rants did not play well among the advertisers on his show, one of which pulled ads immediately after being asked about whether what Carlson said reflects the values of T-Mobile.

And then the dam broke as several more advertisers also pulled ads from Carlson’s show.

According to Media Matters:

On Wednesday, SmileDirectClub, Disney, and Papa John’s all confirmed they would likewise cease advertising on Carlson’s prime-time show. This is a major loss for Carlson and Fox News as a whole.

In addition, Vari and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service also pulled their ads.

It’s a big loss of revenue for Fox News, who placed Carlson in the prime-time slot that used to belong to Bill O’Reilly until the company was forced to fire him. Hopefully, they will fire Carlson soon as well because he’s definitely costing them money with his hateful outbursts.

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