Does failure get any bigger when a Straight Pride parade in Dallas fails to attract anyone but two Boston residents and the protest against that “parade” attracts 10 times as many people?

According to a Facebook post from the group, “Protecting Our Next Generation,” which describes itself as “strong conservative Christians who are standing up for our Biblical values,” the event was to include discussion on a variety of topics, such as sex trafficking, legalized prostitution, abortion, and Drag Queen story hours at public libraries, about which the group said, “stop pushing this on our children.”

Not even the event’s organizer,  Teresa Stephens Richenberger from Liberty City, Texas, the local organizer with “Protecting Our Next Generation,” bothered to show up at the event. In fact, no local residents or even “in-state” residents came to the event. They did attract out of towners — exactly two of them from Boston. One claimed he had been kicked out of his home and fired from his job as a teen for being straight. Those claims have not been verified.

On the other side, about 20 people showed up to protest the event and stand up for LGBTQ rights.

One of the straight Pride attendees yelled insults at the transgender protesters saying, “We know there are only two genders.” He also said, “I’m part of the oppressed majority.” When two of the protesters got too close to the Straight Pride crowd of two, the police separated them, and put a stop to the arguing. Some individuals approached the the straight pride duo to talk, one at a time, which changed no one’s minds and only served to prolong the pair’s visit to City Hall Plaza.

A local LGBT publication, Dallas Voice, made some interesting notes about the failed “parade” and what the “group” may have in store for the future:

The Boston visitors, presumably from the group Super Happy Fun America that staged the Boston Straight Pride event this past summer, said this wasn’t the parade. They promised that one would be held in Dallas next year. That’s good that this wasn’t the parade, because there were no floats, no marching bands, no beads, no super happy fun. And next year, if Richenberger just brings a friend from East Texas, participation will double.