For some time, gun rights activists have trashed the city of Chicago for trying to combat gun violence. They point to their often Democratic leaders in their critiques, saying that it is their liberal policies that brings on the violence.

That argument might now be obsolete as a new city, Ocala, Florida now leads the nation in gun incidents. Not only is Florida a GOP led state, with Republican Ron DeSantis serving as the state’s Governor, but Ocala also has a four-term elected Republican mayor heading up the city’s local government.


Chicago is not anywhere on this list, by the way.

Ocala’s mayor, Kent Guinn, isn’t only a Republican, but in 2015, it was reported that Guinn was also a member of the KKK. Guinn was exposed along with several other Republican lawmakers by the “hacktivist” group, “Anonymous.”

Guinn denied the accusation, and many people believed him causing the story to fade away. But in 2019, Guinn showed his true Confederate colors when he signed a proclamation declaring April 26th “Confederate Memorial Day.”  Guinn offered the following statement after signing the order:

“a time in which to honor the memories of those who sacrificed their lives in the War Between States”

Some noted that Guinn did not call the conflict “The Civil War” but rather “The War Between States” which is the “alternative name” for The Civil War employed by followers of “Lost Cause” pseudohistory. A group that seeks to whitewash slavery and Confederate atrocities.

Guinn continues to deny that he is a member of the KKK or even a racist.

Beyond that, it is also worth noting that at least half of the top 10 cities in the above list are located in “red states.” That kind of diminishes the argument about Chicago and shows that gun violence can rear its ugly head in any state, any city, and anywhere in America as long as we do nothing to curb it.