President Donald Trump had a lousy Sunday after being utterly humiliated at his Tulsa rally on Saturday night, and the mockery continued after his pathetic Father’s Day message.

Trump’s rally fizzled into failure as only less than 6,200 people showed up despite being in the red state of Oklahoma. Needless to say, Trump returned to the White House dejected, so he apparently was not much in the mood to celebrate Father’s Day. That’s why his Father’s Day message was pretty pathetic.

Surely, Trump could have offered a better message than that, but his brain apparently was not up to it. After all, it was too focused on Trump’s wrecked ego.

Twitter users showered Trump’s message with mockery.

Trump looked like he just came out of a secret meeting with Vladimir Putin during his walk of shame after the rally. But instead of moving forward and doing his job, Trump is being lazy and playing the victim as usual because like every other day, it’s always about him and no one else.

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