Now that it’s clear President Joe Biden will be announcing some form of student loan debt relief in the days ahead, conservatives have launched a full-scale attack on the plan, arguing that to forgive student loans would send the wrong message to young people and be a dangerous bailout.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham must have thought she had the perfect argument in opposition to the president’s plan, so she took to Twitter and used her own family to argue against forgiving student loan debt for anyone.

“My mom worked as a waitress until she was 73 to help pay for our college, even helped with loan repayment. Loan forgiveness just another insult to those who play by the rules.”

Mediaite reports that Ingraham does indeed have spectacular academic credentials:

Ingraham attended Dartmouth College, where she earned her undergraduate degree in the mid-1980s. She then worked in the Reagan White House. Afterward, she graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1991.

Sounds like Laura should have paid off her own loans, doesn’t it? And if the fact that her mother had to work until she was 73 just to pay off loans for her kids isn’t the perfect argument for student loan reform and debt relief, then what is?

It didn’t take long before Ingraham was shredded on social media.

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