President Donald Trump was up bright and early Sunday morning, tweeting out attacks on Joe Biden, which certainly suggests that he’s very worried about the former vice president and knows he’s way behind in the polls to the presumptive Democratic nominee.

But one of the tweets and video Trump sent out is especially troubling.

In the video, shot in Florida at The Villages retirement community, protesters are shown with signs denouncing Trump while pro-Trump supporters drive by on golf carts. One of the men in a golf cart can clearly be heard saying “White power” in response to a sign another man is holding up:

UPDATE: Trump deleted his tweet after seeing the reaction it drew online and in the media. Not to worry, here’s the video in its entirety:

In recent weeks, Trump has been hitting the issue of race hard, a blatant attempt to curry favor with the most angry and dangerous segments of his political base. And yet his poll numbers continue to sink lower.

Response to Trump’s promotion of the Florida video was swift:

Things are going to get even uglier in the months ahead, but we have the numbers to defeat Donald Trump and his disgusting supporters.

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