President Donald Trump feigned ignorance in response to reports that Russia has been offering bounties to Taliban militants in Afghanistan for the killing of American soldiers before going on to make excuses for Russian aggression and declared that he has been tougher on them than former President Obama.

The bombshell report stirred national outrage to the point that “treason” is trending on social media.

But Trump denied that he knew anything about the bounties on Sunday morning and excused Russia’s behavior because “there have not been many attacks” on our troops.

He then called the report “phony” and attacked former Vice President Joe Biden by bizarrely claiming that the Obama administration was “weak” on Russia by kicking Putin out of the former G-8, which is now known as the G-7, a summit Trump recently invited Putin to attend.

Again, it should be pointed out that Trump was apparently briefed about the Russian bounties against American soldiers back in March and he has done nothing about it, not even so much as a message of condemnation. The Obama administration not only helped boot Russia out of the G-7 — but also slapped sanctions against them for invading Ukraine and seizing the Crimea.

Clearly, the only weak president here is Trump when it comes to dealing with Putin and the Russians. And he’s still defending Russian aggression despite this disturbing report. Any other president would be outraged. Instead, Trump is kissing Putin’s a** as usual.

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