President Donald Trump’s younger brother Robert died on Saturday. But Donald was not at his bedside. Instead, Donald went golfing with former NFL kicker Jay Feely, repeating a lack of empathy that Trump’s niece Mary says was present when Fred Trump Jr. died.

Trump had stopped in to see Robert for around ten minutes earlier in the day. It’s possible that Robert died of the coronavirus, but a cause of death has not been released. Regardless, his hospitalization caused an inconvenience to Donald, who had to pause his golf weekend to visit him.

Later that day, Trump was back on the golf course with Feely, who posted about it on Twitter.

This is not the first time Trump has ditched a dying family member. Trump’s older brother Fred Trump Jr. died alone in the hospital in 1981, according to Mary Trump’s new book.

The New York Times reports:

Freddy Trump died in 1981 from an alcohol-induced heart attack when he was 42, and Ms. Trump tells the story in her book about how his family sent him to the hospital alone on the night of his death. No one went with him, Ms. Trump writes.

Donald Trump, she added, went to see a movie.

Rather than make sure his beloved older brother didn’t die alone, Trump went to a movie like a classic narcissist. He could not even take the time to stick with his own flesh and blood brothers to the end.

That’s pathetic and it demonstrates Trump’s heartlessness. It’s why he’s able to shrug off the deaths of 170,000 Americans and not care about the tens of thousands more who are going to die. Trump does not care about anyone but himself. And if coronavirus is what caused the death of Robert Trump, Donald only has himself to blame.

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