President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka feigned outrage on Tuesday morning in response to GOP strategist Rick Wilson mocking her bumbling dad and his ignorant supporters.

During a CNN interview, anchor Don Lemon could not stop laughing after Wilson said that Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map with the letter “U” and a picture of a crane on it. Wilson and Lemon’s other guest went on to make fun of Trump supporters who would inevitably throw a tantrum over their mockery.

Ivanka Trump, who would have been better off keeping her mouth shut and staying out of it, took to Twitter to join those who took offense at the segment and hypocritically attacked Wilson as an “elite.”

The problem here is that conservatives are always claiming that liberals are “snowflakes,” yet Wilson just proved that Trump supporters are the real snowflakes. Furthermore, Ivanka is complaining about Wilson but outright ignores her daddy’s arrogance and bullying. And let’s not forget Trump often mocks foreign accents like that time he insulted our Asian allies, and has mocked a disabled reporter.

Wilson certainly took notice of the whining.

Other Twitter users also noticed and pointed out that Ivanka only has a White House job because of nepotism and that her family is a bunch of wealthy New Yorkers, making them East Coast “elites”.

Clearly, Ivanka is a hypocrite whose tweet massively backfired in her face.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot