During a hearing in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) once again proved that not only is he one of the most clueless members of Congress, he’s also stuck in the past and cannot seem to fathom current events.

Two former members of the Trump administration — acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller — were being questioned by members of a House committee about the riots which took place on Jan. 6 and led to the deaths of five people, including a member of the Capitol Police Force. While Democratic members of Congress sought answers on why the government wasn’t better prepared for the insurrection, Jordan began ranting about Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election, asserting that Democrats had refused to accept the results when Donald Trump was elected:

“It’s not about revisionist history. It’s about the double-standard that Democrats want to have. That’s the part that bothers me most.”

Jordan was so delighted by his own idiocy that he tweeted out a clip of it:

It didn’t take long before social media karma caught up with the Ohio Republican:

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