Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hit the nail on the head this week on Twitter when she pointed out that Senate Republicans who vote to acquit disgraced former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial will only do so because they are complicit with the insurrectionists.

Trump incited insurrection in the months leading up to and including January 6th when his supporters stormed the Capitol looking to overthrow democracy, install Trump as a dictator, and assassinate lawmakers.

House impeachment managers have presented a damning case against Trump, including video footage that has been so harrowing to watch that six Republicans voted with Democrats to allow the trial to proceed.

Of course, many Republicans have been ignoring the trial and violating their oath to be impartial jurors in the process. They intend to acquit Trump regardless of the overwhelming evidence against him.

It’s not because Trump’s lawyers have put up a good defense. No, it’s definitely not that. After all, one of Trump’s lawyers resorted to threatening violence and civil war if the trial moved ahead. Even conservative media have trashed their pathetic defense.

If Senate Republicans vote for acquittal, it’s because they are complicit with inciting the insurrection themselves, which is exactly how Hillary Clinton characterized it on Twitter.

Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) are especially complicit since they pumped up the militant crowd of Trump supporters on the day of the violence and repeatedly uttered election lies. Both of them even still voted to overturn the election results after the insurrectionists were cleared from the building.

Basically, Senate Republicans are serving as jurors on a case in which they are also co-defendants. In their minds, a vote to acquit Trump is a vote to acquit themselves. That’s why impeachment simply is not enough. There needs to be prosecutions in a court of law with a true impartial jury and judge.

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