Alan Dershowitz, who is serving as a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team during the Senate impeachment trial, tried to back down from comments he made Wednesday evening suggesting that a president can cheat to get reelected if he thinks such a move is in the “national interest.”

Specifically, Dershowitz had this to say to senators:

“Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest. And if a president does something, which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”

And yet, on Thursday morning the former Harvard Law professor went on Twitter and argued that the media had twisted his words, even though there’s video of exactly what he said:

That ridiculous posting was met with laughter and scorn by others on social media:

Later today when the next Q & A session begins, perhaps Professor Dershowitz can explain to us all how the sun doesn’t really rise in the East and set in the West, along with other “Dershoisms” that he’ll try to deny a few hours after they leave his mouth.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot