In the wee morning hours on Thursday, Congress officially certified President-Elect Joe Biden’s election victory in the wake of an attempted insurrection that occurred on Wednesday, forcing disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump to finally concede.

As electoral votes were being counted on Wednesday during what should have been merely a ceremonial formality, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building in an attempt to overturn the legitimate and legal results.

This terrorist act forced the count to be stopped while law enforcement cleared the building and the grounds to restore order. Meanwhile, Trump continued refusing to accept the election results and poured further fuel on the fire, resulting in Twitter finally locking him out of his account.

But Congress remained in session despite the violence and resumed their work. While some House Republicans continued objecting to the results, most Senate Republicans decided not to support them in light of the insurrection attempt, culminating in outgoing Vice President Mike Pence declaring Biden the winner of the Electoral College vote 306-232.

Still locked out of his own account, Trump released a statement through a staffer in which he sort of concedes while at the same time still repeating his false election fraud claims and bragging about himself.

Trump’s term in office was a complete disaster for the nation. 350,000 Americans are dead from the coronavirus he called a “hoax” and he instigated an insurrection to stay in power while weakening our national security and leaving the economy in shambles amid a skyrocketing deficit. Trump will be remembered as the worst president our country ever had and he still has 13 days to sink even lower. But at least the election is over and Trump is out of options to challenge it.

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