President Donald Trump flip-flopped hard on mail-in voting in a frantic Twitter post on Tuesday urging voters in Florida to vote by mail despite previous efforts to demonize it.

Trump has frequently claimed that voting by mail is rife with fraud and that any effort to do so is an attempt to rig the election. He even cited it when he suggested the 2020 Election be delayed.

Trump most recently accused Nevada lawmakers of staging a coup after an expansion of mail-in voting was passed and signed by the governor.

But because Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls in Florida, a crucial state Trump needs if he wants to win re-election, he went into panic mode and urged the state to vote by mail.

Florida’s vote by mail system is no different than other states. But Trump is getting his a** handed to him there because coronavirus has hit the state hard and his chance of winning the state’s electoral votes in November is in jeopardy. If Trump really believed mail-in voting was rife with “fraud” he would not be begging Florida voters to do it now.

Of course, Twitter users rightfully mocked his panicked hypocrisy.

It should also be pointed out that now that Trump has endorsed vote by mail in Florida, he won’t have an easy time contesting the result should he lose. He especially won’t be able to claim that mail-in voting is the reason why he lost. This tweet proves it, and it would certainly be used against him in court.

But what matters most is that Trump just sabotaged his crusade against vote by mail. Oops.

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