Election experts who have been watching President Donald Trump’s use of federal agents in Portland, Kansas City, and other cities are warning that Trump may use those same tactics on Election Day in an effort to intimidate voters seeking to cast a ballot.

Attorneys who specialize in election law told Newsweek that recent statements from the president make it clear he knows he’s way behind and on the verge of losing to Joe Biden:

“Election lawyers who spoke to Newsweek said they saw Trump’s tweet last week about possibly delaying the election as irrefutable evidence that he knows he’s losing to Joe Biden right now. They worry it means he might be willing to do anything to get an edge on Election Day.

“‘Cornered dogs are always dangerous,’ said Juan Carlos Planas, a Republicans for Biden member, who led John McCain’s legal team in Miami-Dade country in Florida and also worked for George W. Bush in 2004 and Mitt Romney in 2012.”

Where might Trump deploy such forces? Planas suspects in would be in cities with a large number of minority voters, especially in key battleground states such as Michigan or Wisconsin:

“I fear it more in Wisconsin and in Michigan, where there are Democratic governors who Trump has criticized and whether or not they would have the ability to stop it.”

Want to suppress the Hispanic vote in a state like Texas? An attorney who has worked for the Biden campaign speculated on such a scenario:

“What if he deploys ICE to polling locations? If someone is intimidating voters you normally call cops, but what if he’s sending federal law enforcement?

“What’s to stop him if he thinks there’s fraud being done, especially if he thinks he’s going to lose?”

Asked for comment, Trump 2020 communications director, remarked:

“It is now the stated goal of Democrats to eliminate protections for election integrity, such as mailing a ballot to every registered voter, whether they asked for one or not. They also want to eliminate signature matching and clear the way for ballot harvesting, which are also wide open opportunities for fraud.”

Whatever happens on November 3, remember one thing: If you’re registered to vote, you have a right to cast a ballot. Period. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Featured Image Via NBC News