Earlier this week, former First Lady Michelle Obama said on her podcast that racial strife in the United States and President Donald Trump’s response to it had led to her having to deal “with some form of low-grade depression.” Fair to say that millions of Americans are experiencing the same feeling, but according to an attorney who works for Trump, Mrs. Obama’s depression means she needs to accept Jesus as her savior.

During a discussion of Mrs. Obama’s comments on Fox News Thursday according to Mediate, Ellis was debating a top Democratic Party official, A. Scott Bolden, who said he agreed with the former first lady:

“30 percent plus, according to the census bureau, all of us are feeling some form of anxiety or depression, low-level — she didn’t say clinical — because of this pandemic, the lack of leadership, and the numbers keep going up. Of the racial strife that this president will not address to bring this country together, and the economy.”

Ellis responded with lies and propaganda:

“I’d really like to know what Scott is referring to when he’s talking about this president with all of the coronavirus response, it’s been absolutely excellent, and when you’re talking about his ability to serve the Black community, are you talking about the First Step Act? Are you talking about the fact that he is so pro-life and has reduced as much as possible Planned Parenthood?”

And then Ellis decided she’d take the discussion to religion, even though she has no idea what Mrs. Obama’s religious beliefs are:

“Also, I think that this is more of an issue of Michelle Obama’s liberalism, because the Family Institute for Studies has shown that actually conservatives tend to be more joyful and more happy overall with their lives because we still believe in the pillars of society, which is the church and the family. So I would encourage Michelle Obama to go to church and to find meaning in the Lord Jesus Christ as her own personal savior.”

Oh, Jenna! How utterly holier-than-thou of you. Be sure and watch that halo of yours when you get into and out of your car.

Fortunately, Bolden had the perfect response to Ellis’ claptrap:

“Well African-Americans believe in God a lot, and I gotta tell you, it’s a real anxious, unsteady period of time, not just now but over 400 years of being Black in this country. Donald Trump needs to do something to bring all of us together, and you can’t tell me about racism or what it’s like to be Black in this country or to be brutalized by the police.”

And then Bolden utterly destroyed Ellis and the current president with this perfectly worded summation:

“I can agree with her that I am depressed too, and this president is a big part of that depression that at least 30 percent of America is feeling because of America’s instability. It’s depressing. This president has no answers and we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and that’s why his numbers are in the negative about reelection.”

For Jenna Ellis or anyone connected to Donald Trump to try and play the religion card is the height of hypocrisy.

Here’s the video:

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