A reporter from Boston who was covering President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in New Hampshire on Friday evening was threatened by a Trump supporter who suggested that someone might “bomb” the reporter.

Boston 7 News reporter Alex DiPrato posted video of the incident on his Twitter account.

In the video, DiPrato is looking at his cell phone when the unidentified man approaches and asks:

“Did you guys film what happened to Rand Paul last night? How would you like that to happen to you?”

DiPrato goes back to his phone, which angers the man, who continues:

“Yeah, you can act like you got someone to text, but you’re really just a pussy.

“How do you sleep at night when you lie to people? How do you sleep at night when you’re a fucking liar?”

The man then issues what sounds like a direct threat:

“You’ll pay, what comes around goes around. [Unintelligle] the law of reciprocity, what comes around goes around.

“You motherfuckers are going to pay. Somebody is going to bomb you — might even be tonight.”

In the Age of Trump, many people now feel emboldened to attack those they disagree with. Just this week, we saw a young man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who had also attended a Trump rally use an AR-15 to shoot and kill two peaceful protesters who were marching after the shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha police officers.

The suspect, Kyle Rittenhouse is 17 and wasn’t legally licensed in Wisconsin to carry the assault rifle he used to murder the two protesters. A resident of Illinois, Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree murder and faces a life sentence if convicted.

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