Americans are still dying across the country and tens of millions are out of work but President Donald Trump took to Twitter to whine about RNC Convention ratings on Saturday morning by insisting that more than 100 million people tuned in.

Neilsen’s ratings show that Trump and the RNC attracted far fewer viewers than the DNC Convention this year. In fact, Trump attracted even fewer than he did in 2016.

According to TVLine:

[A]cross the 13 aforementioned cable and broadcast channels, the RNC Night 4 audience fell just shy of the DNC’s own closing night (which drew 24.6 million). Similarly, Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s Night 4 nomination acceptance speech outdrew President Donald Trump’s, 23.6 million viewers to 21.6 million.

Despite that real data, Fox “News” claimed that 147.9 million watched the RNC Convention citing an unnamed “senior campaign official”. What a coincidence, right?

And Trump was quick to seize upon the propaganda.

Again, this is what Trump is focused on as a pandemic continues raging across the country. Over 180,000 Americans are dead and more than 6 million are infected. More than 40 million are unemployed and millions face eviction from their homes.

Because Trump is obsessed with ratings and is prone to exploding in rage, it’s likely that campaign officials are lying their asses off to make Trump happy so they can keep their jobs. The Super Bowl this past year was watched by just under 100 million viewers and there’s no way the RNC Convention was more popular than that event.

Twitter users chimed in by shaming Trump and mocking him.

Clearly, if Trump and his campaign are so willing to deny the reality of their television ratings, they’ll have no problem disputing the vote tally if Biden wins in November.

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