After spending months sabotaging the United States Postal Service to aid his own campaign in the 2020 election, outgoing President Donald Trump is now accusing the USPS of destroying ballots to hurt him in yet another desperate ploy to overturn the results.

The reason why Trump put Louis DeJoy in charge of the USPS in the first place was so he could slow down the mail in a bald-faced effort to keep absentee ballots from being counted.

Trump’s scheme didn’t work. In the end, Americans got their ballots mailed off early or used election drop-boxes to make sure their vote would be counted, much to Trump’s chagrin as the absentee vote put President-Elect Joe Biden over the top, culminating in a 7 million vote lead in the popular vote and 306 electoral votes with the flipping of Georgia and Arizona.

But Trump has tried everything to overturn the election results for a month now, including filing dozens of lawsuits alleging election fraud without providing a shred of evidence to prove his claims. He has embarrassingly lost nearly every single case and has been reduced to his allies staging fake “hearings” and calling for him to declare martial law.

Now Trump is accusing the Postal Service of destroying ballots that would have supposedly helped him win, even though he’s the one who tried to sabotage the institution in the first place.

Unless these “whistleblowers” have actual proof that the Postal Service actually destroyed enough ballots that would drastically change the results of the election, their word on an affidavit would not hold any water in court.

And again, Trump is the one who tried to sabotage the USPS. Any missing ballots are his fault and his fault alone. This is just another desperate accusation by Trump, who has also accused the FBI and Justice Department of stealing the election from him. Seriously.

Twitter needs to ban Trump immediately and the 25th Amendment should be triggered to remove Trump from office. This insanity needs to be stopped.

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