With his campaign stuck in neutral and polls suggesting he could well lose by an enormous margin later this year, President Donald Trump decided he’d start off the weekend by whining yet again about the investigation conducted by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and even issuing a threat that “a price must be paid” for the Russia probe.

Where has it been determined that the Mueller investigation shouldn’t have been conducted? Only in Trump’s mind and among his most ardent supporters.

As for the whining about “how different” his life would have been, that’s typical hyperbole by the president, who always has the option of resigning if he can’t take the heat that comes with being head of state.

Reaction on Twitter was swift:

Trump is engaged in distraction. He wants us to overlook the fact that he slurred Americans who died for this country and failed to do what was necessary to control coronavirus. But the vast majority of Americans are wise to his tactics and ready to vote him out of office.

Featured Image Via NBC News