With just 39 days until the 2020 election, the bad news continues to roll in for President Donald Trump with each new poll, including ones that show Catholics and evangelical Christians saying they won’t be casting a ballot for the incumbent because he lacks what they call “basic kindness.”

Doug Pagitt, executive director of Vote Common Good, notes in an article he wrote for NBC News that his organization has been doing polling in five swing states and found that Trump’s “unkindness” is causing defections by religious voters:

“Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have seen an 11 percentage point aggregated shift in support among evangelical and Catholic voters toward Joe Biden and away from Trump compared to 2016, according to our online poll. The results echo trends in the Public Religion Research Institute’s July poll, which showed a 7-point drop in white Christian support for the president, and an August Fox News poll that showed Biden at 28 percent support among white evangelicals — 12 points more than Clinton received in 2016.”

The poll conducted by Vote Common Good also looked very specifically at what it calls “core” Christian values such as the seven virtues and seven deadly sins. What religious voters told them is troubling for a president who loves to say he’s a champion of religion and faith:

“Across all the virtues measured — kindness, generosity, humility, chastity, modesty, diligence and patience — on average, 50 percent of respondents rated Biden as more virtuous than Trump, and 39 percent rated Trump as more virtuous than Biden, with the largest gaps emerging around the virtues of humility and modesty (28 points and 22 points in Biden’s favor, respectively). Across the seven sins — lust, sloth, greed, wrath, gluttony, envy and pride — on average, 51 percent of respondents rated Trump as more sinful than Biden, and 37 percent rated Biden as more sinful than Trump, with the largest gaps emerging around the sins of pride and anger (29 points and 26 points in Biden’s favor, respectively).”

And then there’s the overall perception of whether or not each man exhibits kindness. Again, Trump lost to Biden, with 44 percent saying Biden was kinder and only 30 percent choosing Trump.

In four of the five states surveyed, a mere 5 percent reduction in support from Catholic and evangelical voters will likely deliver four of the five battleground states, making Trump’s dreams of reelection virtually impossible. All because the president chooses to be hateful and attacking others rather than seeking common ground:

“Based on the number of evangelical and Catholic voters who supported Trump in these swing states in 2016, that’s enough to shift all but North Carolina to the blue column.”

Clearly, Donald Trump is not liked, respected, or seen as being the least bit charitable towards others. His combative personality and bullying may be what wind up costing him a second term in office.

Featured Image Via NBC News