A new video ad appearing on social media features the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., urging volunteers to join an “army” and keep the “radical left” from succeeding in their attempt to “steal” the 2020 election:

Be sure and note the militancy of the language in the ad, which could easily lead some Trump supporters to take up arms and show up at polling places in an attempt to intimidate voters trying to cast a ballot. The intent could not possibly be clearer or more disgusting: To hold down turnout on Election Day because Republicans don’t do well in high turnout elections. As high-tech website BoingBoing explains.

“What else does one even say about these insane … Trump-Pence ads, and the curiously addled Don Jr., who resembles a crackhead in the throes of addiction? What else does one say, but holy shit. Long past time for Twitter and Facebook, where these ads are trending, to take action — the ads are lying, and they’re inciting armed violence against Americans.”

That sentiment was echoed by tech reporter Garrett Graff of Wired:

If there is indeed violence on Election Day and it can be traced back to this ad or others circulating online, those who made the spots need to be arrested and charged with conspiracy to interfere with an election and accessory to commit a violent crime.

Oh, and let’s make sure the first person arrested is Donald Trump Jr.

Featured Image Via CNN