President Donald Trump angered the Secret Service and enraged the American people on Sunday when he put agents’ lives at risk by forcing them to take him on a joyride outside Walter Reed Medical Center for a photo-op.

Trump is currently hospitalized after contracting the coronavirus, which has killed over 210,000 Americans. But rather than remain in his room in quarantine, Trump decided to make the Secret Service drive him around the block to pander to his supporters.

The problem is that the unnecessary stunt put peoples’ health at risk, as Walter Reed attending physician Dr. James Phillips warned on Twitter while slamming Trump’s continued recklessness.

Not only do the agents have to quarantine, but taxpayers are also on the hook for the cost of their medical treatment all because Trump refused to stay in his room like a toddler refusing to accept being in timeout.

Again, this virus has killed 210,000 Americans and it now poses a serious risk to our national security because Trump refuses to follow the rules. His irresponsible stunt drew an instant rebuke on Twitter.

Hospital personnel should restrain Trump and lock him down in his room. He is a danger to everyone and he clearly thinks he doesn’t have to follow the rules. He certainly isn’t thinking of the safety of the Secret Service agents around him or their families. He’s only thinking about himself and his image.

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