There was a debate last night in Arizona. The candidates involved were the incumbent Republican Martha McSally and Democratic challenger, Mark Kelly. Up for grabs is a US Senate seat in Arizona. One that could be pivotal in determining which party will hold the majority in the coming years.

Currently, Kelly is leading by over 10 points in recent polling, so the burden was on McSally to turn the tide in order to save her Senate seat. Did she do that? Probably not.

One exchange between the moderator and Martha McSally summed things up. The Senator was asked if she was proud of her support for President Trump. In what seems like a growing GOP trend, McSally refused to answer the question. What she did instead was evade the question, even after multiple inquiries by the moderator.

She tried to attack Kelly, who is a self-described moderate, from out of the blue, by trying to attach him to Bernie Sanders. After that didn’t work, she talked about taxes. About the only thing she said she was “proud” of was “putting legislation” on the POTUS’s desk.

Check out the exchange below:

For his part, Kelly really didn’t need to do much in the debate but let McSally implode on her own.

The Arizona Senate race is thought to be one of the key races Republicans need to win if they want to hold on to a majority in the Senate. Kelly has strengthened his lead in the last few weeks and McSally’s “cringeworthy” performance in the debate last night probably didn’t do her any favors.

It is very possible that more and more Republicans will try to distance themselves from Trump as in the presidential race, most every poll and trend seem to be in Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s favor. Those Republicans may be trying to deal with the realization that they will need to be in a position to do things in a post-Trump world.

Unfortunately for many, like McSally, they have walked in lock-step with Trump for the past four years and after what many called a “sham” of a Senate trial, let him walk on impeachment charges that to a majority of Americans, was a slam-dunk case against Trump.

It seems Americans don’t have the “short memory” that Trump and Republicans like Martha McSally were counting on when they ignored Trump’s improprieties.


Featured image via screen capture from the video above.