During a campaign event in Las Vegas on Monday, Ivanka Trump claimed that no one has the right to criticize her father because no one knew the coronavirus pandemic would wind up being so deadly and devastating, leaving over 215,000 Americans dead with thousands more dying each and every day.

HuffPost notes that Ivanka tried her best to put a positive spin on her dad’s ineptitude:

“(Ivanka said) that the president had taken ‘unprecedented’ and early action at the start of the public health crisis ‘when most people, except through the lens of revisionist history’ were ‘not taking it seriously, on the Hill or elsewhere.'”

Um, who exactly is busy trying to rewrite history, Ivanka? That’s exactly the question many Twitter users asked the First Daughter:

The Trump family excels at one thing beyond all others: Lying to protect their asses.

Featured Image Via NBC News