Nearly 200,000 Americans have died since February due to the coronavirus pandemic on President Donald Trump’s watch, yet Republican Chairwoman and Trump sycophant Ronna McDaniel is blaming Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Just so everyone is fully aware, Biden is NOT president. Unfortunately, Trump is president and has been since January 2017. Therefore, Trump is responsible for the coronavirus response, which has been so incompetent and reckless that the United States has the highest death toll in the world.

Trump is even on tape admitting that he knew all along that the coronavirus is worse than the flu, but he has repeatedly lied to the American people by downplaying the danger of the virus.

Therefore, it’s rather bizarre that McDaniel would even dare to try to pin Trump’s disastrous response on Biden.

Again, Biden could not respond to the coronavirus because he’s not the president. However, Biden did warn last year that Trump’s decision to scrap the pandemic response team left our country unprepared for a public health crisis. He was right.

And Twitter users put Ronna McDaniel in her place.

Trump is president. The buck stops at his desk. That’s the bottom line no matter how hard he and his RNC mouthpiece want to pretend otherwise.

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