Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was more than equal to the task when President Donald Trump dropped her name during Thursday evening’s presidential debate, and she took to Twitter to set the president straight on the issue of climate change and the Green New Deal.

HuffPost reports that Trump tried to suggest Joe Biden was beholden to the far left of the Democratic party when it comes to the issue of climate change:

“’You know who developed it? AOC plus three,’ the president said of Biden’s climate plan.

“’They know nothing about the climate. I mean she’s got a good line of stuff, but she knows nothing about the climate, and they’re all hopping through hoops for AOC plus three. Not a real plan. It costs $100 trillion.'”

Ocasio-Cortez is indeed co-chair of Biden’s climate policy task force, but that group’s proposals make absolutely no mention of the Green New Deal. Here’s what’s included in the Biden plan:

  • Transitioning all electric power off fossil fuels by 2035
  • Dramatically increasing energy efficiency by upgrading 4 million buildings and 2 million homes over four years
  • Installing at least 500 million solar panels in the next five years

All of those goals are attainable and would create millions of new jobs for American workers. And Ocasio-Cortez quickly rebutted Trump with facts:

AOC also brought humor to the table, mocking Trump for being unable to keep her name out of his mouth:

Finally, the New York congresswoman pointed out how sexist and disrespectful Trump was being towards strong women, whom he seems to be threatened by:

And that’s how you completely own Donald Trump on his favorite social media platform.

Featured Image Via Twitter