Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) denied the reality that the United States economy has been relatively stable since President Joe Biden took office over a year ago by claiming that our 401Ks miss Donald Trump. He was very mistaken.

Despite Trump’s warning that the economy would take a nosedive if Biden won the 2020 election, the economy has done the opposite. The unemployment rate remains at 3.6 percent and we are in the middle of a spectacular period of job growth. Even the stock market continues to set records, albeit with a few bumps in recent days, but nothing to really panic about since it’s really just rich people losing money anyway.

But Republicans continue to insist that the economy is in the toilet and that only Trump can save it, which is why Jordan thought he would suggest that in a short tweet about 401Ks.

This brief claim devastatingly backfired on Jordan.

Jim Jordan continues to be one of the most useless members of Congress. His district deserves better.

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