Governor of Mississippi minimizes the ‘minor number’ of rape victims requiring an abortion

Governor of Mississippi minimizes the ‘minor number’ of rape victims requiring an abortion

Tate Reeves, the Republican governor of Mississippi said Sunday on Fox News that since pregnancy resulting from rape is such a “minor number” of the total abortion cases in his state, Democrats are merely trying to confuse the issue by bringing up such facts.

Reeves, who has repeatedly declared that life begins at conception, was asked about whether or not legislation would pass in the state allowing exceptions for abortion in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother. He dodged the question, instead saying:

“There’s a lot of effort, particularly in Washington and other places mainly by the Democrats, to try to talk only about the real small, minor number of exceptions that may exist. Over 90% of all abortions that are done in America, some 63 million babies aborted sinceRoewas wrongly decided in 1973, over 90% of those are elective abortions.”

The governor added that the “far left” shouldn’t be talking about “all these exceptions and minor numbers.”

Mississippi has one of the country’s most restrictive policies when it comes to abortion, and Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn (R) suggested Friday things would remain that way if he has anything to say about the matter, according to the Washington Post:

The Republican leader said Friday that while he was unaware “what the legislature’s appetite” would be for allowing young victims of rape and incest to get an abortion, the law “does not include an exception for incest.” He then emphasized that he did not think the Mississippi government should revisit the matter.

“I believe life begins at conception,” he said at a news conference. “Every life is valuable. And those are my personal beliefs.”

After a journalist asked Gunn again whether a “12-year-old child molested by her family members should carry that pregnancy to term,” the speaker confirmed that’s what he believed was right.

“That is my personal belief,” Gunn answered. “I believe life begins at conception.”

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