In a serious underestimation of how Americans really feel about outgoing President Donald Trump, the Boston Globe insisted that nobody wants to see Trump dragged out of the White House if he refuses to leave, resulting in hilarious responses proving otherwise.

Trump’s false allegations of election fraud and refusal to concede have escalated fears that he will refuse to leave office on January 20th when President-Elect Joe Biden in sworn in. If that were to happen, there are several options to remove him. Biden and former President Barack Obama have both suggested the military would escort him out. Federal law enforcement agents could also haul him out of there, kicking and screaming if need be. Either way, Trump would likely be prosecuted for trespassing and possibly even for obstruction.

The way Trump has behaved over the last four years, along with his desperation to stay in power, it’s certainly possible that he may have to be dragged out of the White House, which would be quite a spectacle.

The Boston Globe, however, claimed that while Trump may have to be escorted out Americans don’t want to watch him get dragged out.

Predictably, the newspaper was spectacularly wrong as Twitter users overwhelmingly endorsed dragging Trump out, with some even suggesting that it would be a popular pay-per-view event.

Clearly, the Globe underestimated just how much this country hates Donald Trump. That being said, let the dragging commence.

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