The Arizona Republican Party is now calling for residents of the Grand Canyon State to fight and die in an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, which resulted in Trump losing to Joe Biden.

Mediaite reports that the Arizona GOP is led by Kelli Ward, and the party sent out an inflammatory tweet after Biden was certified as having won the state on November 30:

But on Tuesday, the Arizona Republican Party dialed up their rhetoric, suggesting that Trump supporters should be eager to die for the president:

Who exactly is Ali Akbar, who was cited in the Arizona GOP tweet? Well, he’s “an alt-right Trump supporter with a history of anti-Semitic comments.”

The Arizona GOP also fired off this posting, which appears to have later been deleted:

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman noted that the GOP is indeed a death cult:

Trump himself is also serving as an antagonist when it comes to the election, unable to accept that he lost:

Both the Arizona Republican Party and Donald Trump should be banned from Twitter for violating their terms of service. Neither wants to admit the fact that he lost, and their tweets are only serving to further inflame an already dangerous situation.

Featured Image Via NBC News