“The View” host Meghan McCain tried on Monday to excuse the disgusting comments and actions of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) by claiming the media was to blame for reporting on them, but she was quickly smacked down by her co-hosts.

According to McCain, the media has turned Greene into a right-wing icon:

“I think the more that the mainstream media continues to come out and say that all Republicans are birthers and crazy people and we believe in space lasers, then the more it makes traditional Republicans, and there’s still a lot of them in the country, go back into their corners, and this is becoming very tribal, and I would argue that this is how we got Trump in the first place.”

McCain then added that Greene isn’t reflective of most Republicans:

“What’s the point of even trying to have an argument if we’re all Marjorie Taylor Greene? That’s the danger. Look. You guys know me. I know you. I’m not like Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m a republican. I don’t believe in birtherism. I don’t believe in the Confederate flag, but it doesn’t matter because as long as it’s only Marjorie Taylor Greene, people like me don’t matter anymore.”

But co-host Sunny Hostin wasn’t buying McCain’s theory, laying a nasty fact-check on her:

“She has a lot of support within the Republican Party, and, in fact, Kevin McCarthy appointed her to the Education committee. I mean, these are facts. Kevin McCarthy was just with Trump. Instead of reprimanding Marjorie Greene or taking her off committees, he was visiting Trump in Mar-a-Lago, and so there’s just no question that – this is the Republican Party, and Marjorie Greene is right in the center of it. She is the face of the Republican Party.”

Hostin is right: Greene is indeed the face of the GOP, if only because Republican leadership has refused to condemn take all committee assignments away from her, which would render her impotent and unable to legislate.

No matter what Meghan McCain or other Republicans may try to claim, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the albatross hanging around their necks, and she may well wind up destroying what’s left of the GOP.

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