A former Republican member of Congress said Saturday that numerous members of the GOP are now actively discussing the formation of a new political party that would compete directly with the current Republican Party.

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), a conservative who has been harshly critical of former President Donald Trump and endorsed President Joe Biden, was a guest on CNN, and he revealed that discussion has begun to form a conservative party and leaving the current GOP to the extreme right-wingers who have taken over the party in the Age of Trump:

“Just yesterday I participated in a forum or a summit where we talked about the future of the party, should there be a new party or a new faction. A new faction within the party or one that operates independently of the party? That’s the conversation that many Republicans are having, and we’re united around core principles like democracy, rule of law, measured statements, and we’re against cronyism and this type of ugly populism that we’ve witnessed the last four years under President Trump and folks like [Rep.]Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).”

That led host Fredricka Whitfield to inquire:

“So it sounds like there’s a consideration of surrendering the party to a fringe element?”

Dent replied:

“You just led with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comments. And let’s be honest, the Democrats now have a recorded vote of 199 Republicans basically defending her right to serve on a committee. I mean, Republicans would, say, pick on AOC or the Squad and use her to define other Democrats. Now it’s going to be a fair turn of events. Democrats are going to do the same thing with Marjorie Taylor Greene, except they have a recorded vote. And that is a very big deal. So I think Republicans right now have to — should have never put themselves in a position where the Democrats did what Republicans should have done themselves, which was remove her from the committees and also, frankly, disinvite her from the Republican conference.”

The Republican Party is splitting into warring factions, which doesn’t bode well for its future. Thanks to the GOP letting Donald Trump hijack their political base, the party is now little more than a band of nutty conspiracy theorists who hate anyone the least bit different from them. Don’t be surprised if the GOP fractures into a million pieces in the next couple of years.

Here’s Charlie Dent on CNN:

Featured Image Via NBC News