While they’ve been driving around the Washington, D.C. beltway the past couple of weeks to protest mask mandates and other COVID restrictions, some members of the so-called trucker “People’s Convoy” have also managed to come down with coronavirus-like symptoms, including coughs and an illness one protester described as getting “hit by a bus.”

Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast reports:

“Today out in Hagerstown, more and more truckers with The People’s Convoy have complained about becoming sick with a bad cough. One streamer, ‘OTR Survival,’ ended up going to an urgent care, and described the illness as getting ‘hit by a bus.'”

While none of those with symptoms have confirmed that they actually have COVID, the telltale cough that won’t abate is one of the most frequently cited complaints when people do contract coronavirus. And if the person isn’t vaccinated, the chances of a long hospital stay increase exponentially, as do the chances the person will die.

The irony of anti-mask protesters manifesting what sound like COVID symptoms wasn’t lost on Twitter users.