During a phone interview with Stuart Varney of Fox Business today, former President Donald Trump made some bizarre and downright deranged claims, one of which was that President Joe Biden may wind up being “responsible for destroying the world.”

The subject was Iran’s ambitions to build a nuclear weapon, which is likely to happen no matter what any American president does, and the Iranians were known to have ramped up their research on building a nuke during the four years Trump was in office and pulled the United States out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which allowed for inspection of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

According to Trump, Biden’s willingness to rejoin the JCPOA will lead to nuclear apocalypse:

“It’s the end of Israel if that happens. I don’t think Israel can actually let it happen. It is the worst deal and also you’re going to see nukes all over the Middle East. Everyone else is going to get them too. It will be the end.”

That led Varney to inquire:

“So why is Biden doing it?”

The twice-impeached former POTUS responded:

“Because he’s stupid OK? Because he’s stupid. And because they’re stupid. And they shouldn’t be in power anyway. But they’re destroying our country and they may ultimately be responsible for destroying the world.”

Later in the interview, Varney asked Trump about climate change:

“Is the climate changing because of human activity?”

The “stable genius” replied:

“In my opinion, you have a thing called weather. And you go up and you go down. If you look at it in the 1920s, they were talking about global freezing. OK? In other words, the globe was going to freeze. And then they go global warming and then they couldn’t use that because the temperatures were actually quite cool and it’s many different things.

“So now, they just talk about climate change. The climate has always been changing.”

The climate has always been changing. How profound! Maybe we can get the Donald to weigh on the Theory of Relativity during his next vacuous interview.

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