Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) engaged in fearmongering this week as he blamed President Joe Biden and Democrats for recent inflation of prices, only to be crushed by a lesson on how the economy works.

The United States is finally getting the coronavirus pandemic under control thanks to the efforts of the Biden administration. As coronavirus restrictions begin to loosen across the country, demand for goods has begun to rise. Low supplies caused by the pandemic, however, means that higher demand has caused prices to go up. In other words, inflation.

On Thursday, McConnell used the rising inflation to attack Biden and Democrats in Congress.

The reality is that inflation is being caused by economic policies passed by Republicans during the Trump administration such as tax cuts for the wealthy and trade policies put in place by disgraced former President Donald Trump such as tariffs.

Biden and the Democrats have not been in power long enough for their economic policies to have such an effect yet. What their economic policies have resulted in is helping Americans avoid financial doom during a crisis, something Republicans voted unanimously against doing.

And let’s not forget that Trump and Republicans could have prevented economic problems by taking the pandemic seriously in the first place instead of mismanaging it.

Americans schooled McConnell in response and called him out for fearmongering.

Republicans could easily combat the effects of inflation on Americans by agreeing to raise the minimum wage and stopping their war on unemployment benefits. But they won’t do that because they would rather let the economy suffer and blame Democrats. This is why Republicans need to be ousted from office.

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