Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had another embarrassing moment at an airport this week when police were called to intervene because he abused airport staff over missing a flight.

We all remember Cruz slinking back through a Texas airport on his way back from a trip to Cancun in 2021 after he abandoned his constituents and the family dog during a deadly winter storm.

Well, this time Cruz was in Montana attempting to depart from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport when he allegedly threw a temper tantrum because he would have to fly in coach due to a fully booked flight.

His behavior is on video and the police were called. Now Cruz has to wait until Monday to board a different flight out of the state.

It’s not surprising that Cruz would act like an entitled piece of garbage. It’s no wonder why his own daughter publicly disagrees with most of his views. Cruz couldn’t even bring himself to defend his own wife after Donald Trump viciously insulted her in 2016.

In response to this latest embarrassment, Twitter users roasted Cruz.

Let’s also not forget that Cruz helped incite the Capitol insurrection. Seriously, does Texas enjoy having a pathetic joke representing them?

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