A House Republican who voted to overthrow democracy in the wake of the insurrection at the Capitol dared to lecture Democrats about patriotism only to get brutally shut down by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) in a scathing response.

On January 6th, right-wing domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol in an attempted coup to overturn the election and install disgraced former President Donald Trump as a dictator. Despite that, 147 House Republicans still voted against certifying the election results.

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting on Friday, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah), who voted against certifying President Joe Biden’s legitimate victory, attempted to lecture the committee on patriotism and suggested they all recite the Pledge of Allegiance as if that would somehow prove how patriotic the members are.

This did not go over very well with Jeffries, who called out Owens’ hypocrisy.

“I was hoping to engage with the new distinguished gentleman from Utah as he sat here lecturing us about patriotism,” Jeffries began. “And I was just going to ask him how he voted after a violent mob attacked the Capitol to hunt down members of Congress, and to hang Mike Pence, to assassinate Nancy Pelosi, to stop us from undertaking our constitutional responsibilities as part of the peaceful transfer of power, with more than 100 officers seriously injured — brain injuries, head trauma, one officer lost three fingers, another officer, because of an assault on him, is likely to be blind. Officer [Brian] Sicknick died, blood was spilled, and two other officers are no longer with us.”

“And you want to sit here and lecture us about patriotism? When you voted to object to an election that you know Joe Biden won, and perpetrated the big lie?” Jeffries continued. “But the notion of you coming here lecturing us on your first day before this committee, it’s not about words it’s about actions. You know what? Explain your actions on January 7th. When you supported an insurrection.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Every time Republicans dare to preach about patriotism from now on, the Capitol insurrection they supported and cheered on should be thrown in their faces.

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