Always on the lookout for an excuse to mock or attack President Joe Biden, Donald Trump Jr. responded to Biden accidentally stumbling on the Air Force One stairs on Friday by posting a crude video on Twitter of his daddy hitting Biden in the head repeatedly with a golf ball.

Biden has repeatedly demonstrated that he is more physically fit at the age of 78 than disgraced former President Donald Trump ever has been. He bounds up staircases and regularly rides his bike and plays with his dogs while Trump stuffs his face with fast-food and swings a golf club.

But just like millions of Americans, Biden also takes a misstep at times.

One of those times occurred on Friday as Biden ascended the staircase to board Air Force One, only to stumble a couple of times before regaining his balance and letting everyone know that he’s just fine.

Frankly, if Trump had stumbled like that he would not have gotten up, at least not nearly as fast if at all.

Trump Jr. took to Twitter shortly after to mock Biden by posting a video of his dad hitting Biden with a golf ball in the back of the head twice as the true cause of the stumble.

Americans were not amused, and they responded by trashing Junior and reminding him that his daddy can’t walk down ramps without assistance and has to use two hands to drink water. In addition, Trump once walked up the Air Force One steps with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe and couldn’t even figure out how to close an umbrella.

Once again, Don Jr. embarrassed himself and his dad.

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