A Newsmax host went full sexist while talking about Vice President Kamala Harris, suggesting that her laugh (which he referred to as her “cackling” is proof that she’s actually a witch.

Grant Stinchfield began his disgusting commentary with this:

“So, it got me thinking about Kamala’s cackling.

“She is probably going to be president sooner rather than later, alright? She’s supposed to be the leader all women should look up to. But all I can actually remember her doing since taking office is cackling — at the most strange moments too.”

After he had showed clips of Harris laughing, Stinchfield continued:

“It’s not even funny.

“So, I was racking my brain watching those clips right there, trying to figure out, ‘Who in the heck does this woman remind me of?’ And then I realized, she’s from out west, and then it hit me.”

Stinchfield them played clips of witches from films and television before he concluded:

“Oh boy. That’s her, that’s cackling Kamala, the wicked witch of the west.”

“Nancy Pelosi, move over, there’s a new witch in town, and her name of course is cackling Kamala. Oh, how sad is that?”

What’s sad is that right-wing media seems to have a bizarre need to attack strong women of color such as the current vice president. That’s a page straight out of Donald Trump’s disgusting playbook, and it immediately drew sharp responses on Twitter:

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