Need a bone marrow transplant? Well, Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) don’t think you should be able to get one because they voted against renewing a life-saving program despite every other Republican voting for it.

Both women aided and supported the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th and voted to overthrow democracy. They’ve also apparently made it their mission to oppose every good thing government tries to do to help people, even people with cancer.

Reauthorizing the National Marrow Donor Program should have been a unanimous vote, but Boebert and Green made their party look really bad by being the only votes against the bill. It’s hard to see how anyone could be opposed to leukemia patients being able to find a bone marrow match for a life-saving transplant, but that’s apparently something a tiny percentage of Republicans in Congress despise according to CNN’s Manu Raju.

It’s a truly pathetic stance to take and only proves that Republicans have no souls.

Americans were certainly shocked and outraged, which is why they raked Boebert and Greene over the coals.

Once again, Republicans remind us that they are NOT pro-life. They are pro-death.

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